Reconstruction of the Mežaparks Large Open-Air Stage, stage 1

In Latvia's Centenary, shortly before XXVI Song and XVI Dance Celebration the stage 1 of reconstruction of the Mežaparks Large Open-Air Stage was completed and during the works the stage territory was extended, temporary stands of wood for chorus singers were constructed and more audience seats were made. Under the new audience area a pergola with two-level rooms for audience facilities, trading venues, medical rooms and info centre was built.  A covering of paving stone UniColok 8 225x225/112,5x80 was used in area that is bigger than 20 000 m² constructing a covering under the pergola on the first floor, footpaths in the audience area and a wide area between the stage and audience zone.

Sports and recreation field of Riga Secondary School № 84


The sports and recreation complex is made by logically zoning 8 ha of territory according to the age groups and types of sport. 2.1 ha playground (fields for children under 5 years, between 5 - 7 years and school-age children). 3.7 ha sports area - three multifunctional fields, football field, hockey field, street gymnastics field, three running tracks, long jump area, bike trail. More than 12000m² of Holland 6 and Holland 8 pavement stones of different colours were paved as well as road and pavement edges were installed for a distance of more than 5500m.

Brīvības boulevard at the Cabinet of Ministers


In 2016 Brīvības street had extensive covering renovation works. They were carried out for both, the road and pavements. In the section at the Cabinet of Ministers the concrete pavement stone covering was renovated for an area of more than 6000 m² replacing the concrete road and pavement edges for an approximate distance of 1 kilometre. A new pavement stone covering was constructed for the avenue of the boulevard between both roads of Brīvības street. Tactile pavement stone guidelines and visual boundary lines at the public transport stops were constructed for improving the safety of pedestrian traffic.

Mazā Bolderājas street


Mazā Bolderājas street is located in Imanta and it ensures the inner traffic of this neighbourhood. Before the reconstruction the covering of the street was made of mix of gravel, ground and construction materials alternating with fragments of asphalted sections. As a result of construction works the road was renovated with concrete pavement stone covering that took around 2400m² of area. Next to the road a concrete pavement stone pavement of approximately 900 m² has been constructed. All in all, during the construction works more than 1.5 km of concrete edges were constructed - separating the pavement from the road and ensuring drive accesses and an easy bicycle/pram movement. As part of traffic safety improvement two speed bumps were constructed from the same concrete pavement stone covering.

Riga Bulk Terminal in the territory of Riga Freeport


In the February of 2014 Riga Bulk Terminal was put into service in the territory of Riga Freeport. The latest technological solutions were used for its construction which allows to reload bulk cargoes of eight different types. As part of the project construction of concrete pavement stone covering was carried out for an area of approximately 10 000m² in different terminal zones - stops, roads, pavements, parking lots and under the conveyor line. For the most part (covering more than 9000 m² area) a specially manufactured concrete pavement stone Holland 12 was used in the construction of the covering. In general, more than a kilometre of road and pavement edges were constructed during the works.